The 7th Academia Sinica Academicians Visit Programme cum Lecture Series – Professor Chiang Ann-Shyn

Professor Chiang Ann-Shyn, the Academician of Academia Sinica (AS), Dean of College of Life Sciences, National Tsing Hua University visited the School of Biomedical Sciences on 12 April 2018 and gave a lecture entitled “Visualizing Memory Allocations in the Drosophila Brain”. The lecture was jointly organized by the School of Biomedical Sciences, the Department of Biomedical Engineering and the Office of Academic Links (China) (OALC), The Chinese University of Hong Kong. Apart from delivering a lecture, Prof. Chiang also visited some laboratories in “Neural, Vascular, and Metabolic Biology Thematic Research Program” and shared his research expertise with our academic staff members.

The visit to our School was part of the activities under “The 7th Academia Sinica Academicians Visit Programme cum Lecture Series” arranged by the OALC between 11 and 14 April 2018. The corresponding report compiled by the OALC can be viewed HERE.

江安世教授,現任中央研究院(中研院)生命科學組院士及國立清華大學生命科學學院院長,於2018年4月12日來訪生物醫學學院。當天由香港中文大學生物醫學學院、生物醫學工程學系及學術交流處(國內事務)合辦了一場講座,題目為「Visualizing Memory Allocations in the Drosophila Brain」,由江教授主講。除了發表演講外,江教授在訪問學院期間還參觀了「神經、血管、及代謝生物學主題研究組」的一些實驗室,與本院教職員同事分享了他的研究經驗。


江安世教授,现任中央研究院(中研院)生命科学组院士及国立清华大学生命科学学院院长,于2018年4月12日来访生物医学学院。当天由香港中文大学生物医学学院、生物医学工程学系及学术交流处(国内事务)合办了一场讲座,题目为「Visualizing Memory Allocations in the Drosophila Brain」,由江教授主讲。除了发表演讲外,江教授在访问学院期间还参观了「神经、血管、及代谢生物学主题研究组」的一些实验室,与本院教职员同事分享了他的研究经验。


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