Niu Yuzhe, Ph.D. Graduate

Dr. Niu obtained his Ph.D. degree in Biomedical Sciences from the School of Biomedical Sciences (SBS) in late 2017 under the supervision of Prof. Woody W.Y. Chan. During his study, his research interest mainly focused on the induction and characterization of neural crest stem cells derived from pluripotent stem cells (iPSC) using a megacolon mouse model.

After graduation, Dr. Niu joined Dr. Stanislav Tomarev’s laboratory in the National Eye Institute at National Institutes of Health, U.S.A. as a postdoctoral fellow in 2018, where he started his research on the application of stem cells on the glaucoma treatment. During this period, Dr. Niu tried to apply human iPSC-induced neural crest stem cells on different glaucoma animal models in order to figure out the behavior of the transplanted neural crest stem cells in the eye environment. Starting from May 2021, Dr. Niu has been working as a postdoc associate in Dr. Matthew Greenblatt’s laboratory at Weill Cornell Medicine, U.S.A to discover new stem cell types in bone tissues.

Dr. Niu is convinced that the training on stem cell research received in his Ph.D. study at SBS has laid down a concrete foundation for his current research work and career development. He aspires to be an independent researcher with his own research team in the future.


在本學院畢業後畢業後,牛博士於2018年加入美國國家衛生院眼科研究所Stanislav Tomarev教授的實驗室,擔任博士後研究員,主力為幹細胞在青光眼治療中的應用研究。他嘗試將全能幹細胞誘導的神經嵴幹細胞移植到不同的青光眼動物模型,以了解移植的神經嵴幹細胞在眼部環境中的行為。在2021年5月,牛博士加入了美國威爾康奈爾醫學院Greenblatt Matthew教授的實驗室,任職博士後研究員,並開始參與骨骼幹細胞的鑑定與分化研究。



在本学院毕业后毕业后,牛博士于2018年加入美国国家卫生院眼科研究所Stanislav Tomarev教授的实验室,担任博士后研究员,主力为干细胞在青光眼治疗中的应用研究。他尝试将全能干细胞诱导的神经嵴干细胞移植到不同的青光眼动物模型,以了解移植的神经嵴干细胞在眼部环境中的行为。在2021年5月,牛博士加入了美国威尔康奈尔医学院Greenblatt Matthew教授的实验室,任职博士后研究员,并开始参与骨骼干细胞的鉴定与分化研究。


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