Inauguration Ceremony of the 7th Executive Committee of School of Biomedical Sciences Postgraduate Student Association

The Inauguration Ceremony of the 7th Executive Committee of the School of Biomedical Sciences (SBS) Postgraduate Student Association (PSA) was held on 11 September 2018.

Prof. Chan Wai-yee, Director of SBS, first delivered an opening remarks at the Ceremony, followed by a speech given by Prof. Chan Wood-yee, Associate Director (Graduate Education). Both of them affirmed the efforts of PSA in the past year and encouraged postgraduate students to actively participate in PSA events so as to attain a comprehensive and fulfilling postgraduate study enriched with different extracurricular activities. In recognition of the contribution to PSA, Prof. Chan Wai-yee, together with Prof. Chan Wood-yee and Prof. Fung Kwok-pui, Associate Director (Academic Administration), presented the certificates and souvenirs to each member of the 6th Executive Committee.

Ms. Guo Yue, President of the 6th Executive Committee concluded the activities in the previous year and extended her best wishes to the newly elected PSA. After the handover of presidency, Ms. Wang Yiwei, President of the 7th Executive Committee gave an inaugural speech, which she expressed that PSA would continue to play an essential role in enhancing the communication among postgraduate students and that between postgraduate students and the School through organizing various extracurricular activities in the coming year.







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