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Group photo of Prof. Chan Wai-yee, Director of SBS (1st from right), members of our Teaching and Learning Unit and the BSc students at “Biomedical Sciences Exploration”

Group photo taken at “Biomedical Sciences Exploration”

Participating secondary students visit our Core Laboratories at “Extraordinary Research: Biomedical Sciences”

Participating secondary students take part in hands-on workshop at “Extraordinary Research: Biomedical Sciences”

Dr. Ann Lau delivers a talk at “Academic Planning Day for Secondary 5 Students”
on 8 April 2017

BSc Students share their experiences and study life at
“Academic Planning Day for Secondary 5 Students”

Outreach and Promotional Events for the BSc in Biomedical Sciences Programme
To further promote the BSc in Biomedical Sciences Programme (BSc Programme), our BSc in Biomedical Sciences Programme Team continually participated in the outreach activities organized by the Office of Admission and Financial Aids (OAFA), The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK), and organized different promotional events during the first quarter of 2017, including:


To join in the outreach activities targeting at the prospective overseas students organized by OAFA, Dr. Ann S.N. Lau, Deputy Director of the BSc in Biomedical Sciences Programme, visited three high schools in Malaysia between 18 and 21 January 2017, meeting over 200 students in the admission talks introducing the BSc Programme. Admission interviews were taken place immediately after the talks. From 17 to 19 February 2017, Dr. Lau joined another admission seminar in Taiwan as coordinated by OAFA, followed by interviews with prospective students there.
The School of Biomedical Sciences (SBS) participated in the HK SciFest 2017 hosted by the Hong Kong Science Museum through organising a scientific activity called “Biomedical Sciences Exploration” at the Hong Kong Science Museum on 26 March 2017. A total of 104 Secondary 1 to 6 Students took part in the activity at which hands-on workshop and interactive game were arranged to enhance their awareness and interest in biomedical sciences. As a continuation of our School’s participation in the HK SciFest 2017, another scientific activity called “Extraordinary Research: Biomedical Sciences” was held at the Lo Kwee-Seong Integrated Biomedical Sciences Building, CUHK on 1 April 2017. Twenty-four Secondary 1 to 6 students were offered the opportunity to acquire initial understanding of different fields of biomedical research and how they were related to their daily lives through taking part in hands-on workshop, and visiting our Core Laboratories and Dissecting Laboratory.
Dr. Lau was invited to deliver a talk while BSc Students were invited to share their experience at the “Academic Planning Day for Secondary 5 Students” organized by OAFA in CUHK campus on 8 April 2017. Over 100 Secondary 5 Students attended the event. “Academic Planning Day for Secondary 5 students” was an annual event of OAFA for assisting senior secondary students to plan for their undergraduate studies.

Continuous efforts will be made to further publicize our BSc Programme among local and overseas prospective students. It is our hope that more high caliber and promising students will get admitted to the Programme in the academic year 2017-2018 and beyond.