Orientation Session for Freshmen of the Division of Biomedical Sciences

Organized by the 7th School of Biomedical Sciences (SBS) Postgraduate Student Association (PSA), the orientation session for the research postgraduate (RPg) students newly admitted to the Graduate Division of Biomedical Sciences in 2018-19 was successfully held on 7 August 2018.

Mr. Jason H.L. Ngan welcomed the freshmen on behalf of the SBS PSA by giving them a brief introduction of the School. The PSA members also shared with the newcomers their research and social life on campus and other living experiences in Hong Kong. The newcomers then took part in several ice-breaking games with the seniors, so to get familiarize with each other. At the end of the event, the representatives of PSA extended their warmest welcome again to the freshmen and encouraged them to take an active role in the future activities organized by the PSA.

The orientation session is an occasion allowing our new RPg students to have a joyful mingling and fruitful discussion with their fellow schoolmates, and also assisting them to acclimatize to the new study environment in the School.







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