Outreach Event for the BSc in Biomedical Sciences Programme

To continually promote the BSc in Biomedical Sciences Programme (BSc Programme), the BSc Programme Team participated in the following outreach event:

  • English Schools Foundation (ESF) University Fair 2020 on 20 January 2020: This is the third year that SBS was invited by King George V School to participate in their annual ESF University fair, which encourages students from ESF Schools to gain more understanding of our BSc programme and biomedical sciences. Year 12 students from ESF Secondary Schools took part in the fair.

With the effort in promoting the Programme to local and overseas students, we expect more high-caliber and promising students will get admitted to our BSc Programme.


  • 本學院第三年受英皇佐治五世學校邀請,於2020年1月20日參與一年一度的英基學校協會大學展,英基學校第12班的中學生參加了此活動,藉此加深對本課程及生物醫學科學的了解。



  • 本学院第三年受英皇佐治五世学校邀请,于2020年1月20日参与一年一度的英基学校协会大学展,英基学校第12班的中学生参加了此活动,藉此加深对本课程及生物医学科学的了解。


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